Thursday, 1 November 2012

Gandhian Studies Centre's Activities

The UGC Sponsored Gandhian Studies Centre of our college organised following events during August – September, 2012.
1)     On August 30, noted Gandhian- Dr. Jayshree Joshi delivered  a  lecture  on “Gandhi’s Economic Thought”  for  the  Certificate  Course  Students.Sheexplained  the  relevance  of  Gandhi’s  Economic  model  to  India.

2)     On September 1,  an  animation  film  “MY DEAR BAPUJI" was screened which  gave students an insight intosome unknown facts of Bapuji. DrJayshree Joshi moderated the group  discussion  that followed thereafterand clarified the doubts in the minds of students. This  film  was  screened  for  the  school  children  as  well  on  October  6  under  the  Children’s  Movie  Club.

3)     In  commemoration  of  Gandhi  Jayanti  on  October  2,the  Centre  organiseda  campaign  SAY NO TO PLASTIC. An Exhibition cum Sale of Cloth bags was  heldon September  27 and 28 as  part  of  this  venture. These  clothbags  were  stitched by  needy women staying near the college from old Bedsheets  and  Pillow Covers donated by Students and Faculty members of our college, N L High School – Gujarati Primary section and M K E S English Medium – Primary section. More than 150 Bags were sold and  remuneration  was  paid to  the  women  according  to the size of the bags stitched.In spite  of  nominal  rates  being  charged  the  Centre  made  a  profit  due  to  the  recycling  of  old  material. With  this  overwhelming  response, the Centre proposes to conduct the  next Exhibition cum sale in January in  commemoration  of  Martyrs’  Day  on January 30.