Thursday, 23 June 2016

Our College Bags Autonomous Status

Dear Students/Parents/Stakeholders,

It is with great pride and privilege that we want to inform you all that our College has been granted “Autonomous Status”. This was possible after relevant scrutiny by University of Mumbai, State Government and the University Grants Commission (UGC), New Delhi.

We will be implementing autonomy in our College at all First Years of the UG level and PG level from the academic year 2016-17.

We feel that as students/parents/stakeholders, you should be aware about what is autonomy and what it calls for. We hereby provide you the information about autonomy for your clear understanding. If you have any doubts or require any clarification, please feel free to ask your teachers.Autonomy is a functional status given to the colleges, by the UGC which offers flexibility towards academic development for upliftment of academic standards and excellence. 

The parent University (in our case it is University of Mumbai) confers the status of autonomy upon a college that is permanently affiliated, with the concurrence of the State Government and the UGC.

The autonomus college can prescribe its own relevant courses of study and syllabi by restructuring and redesigning courses to suit the local needs. An autonomous college carries a prestigious image for the students as well as teachers.Grant of autonomy to a college reflects its sincere efforts towards excellence in academics, its capability of self governance and enhancement in the quality of education.

The features/advantages of autonomy are:§  College offers student centric choice in courses with a wide range of electives;
§  Freedom in choice of courses;
§  Periodical change in syllabus as per changing needs;
§  Prescribes rules in consonance with the reservation policy of the State Government;
§  Evolves methods of assessment of student’s performance, the conduct of examinations and notification of results;
§  Uses of modern tools of educational technology, if required, to achieve higher standards and greater creativity;
§  Promotes healthy practices such as projects, community service, extension programs;
§  Projects for the benefit of the community at large and other related programs;
§  Examines students’ performance internally and externally;
§  Continuous assessment to ensure fairness and justice to students.
University of Mumbai shall award degrees to the students evaluated and recommended by the autonomous college.

For any queries, please contact your teachers

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